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Shorter Ladders

February 25, 2009

How many managers does it take to approve a project before it is ruined?

Less than you need to go through.

While brilliant ideas start out from lower level Generation Y’ers, it takes a mountain of approval processes and pass-offs in order to get them implemented. An idea that was praised at the bottom has lost all merit by the time it reaches the upper rungs of the ladder.

A UK article has stated that even managers believe that 40% of all ideas get “left on the table”. They also went on about how more than 50% of their time is wasted on admin and unrelated activities.

Now, I don’t have an answer on how to avoid this – take this as a mere observation from the bottom; but I do know that I have seen money making opportunities set aside for months/years because four or more managers could not agree on a solution.

So don’t be scared out of creating ideas. Just keep this in mind next time you are trying to phrase a proposal. Try jumping up a few steps if possible without stepping on toes.

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