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Think – Don’t Act – Like Your Consumer

March 2, 2009

Knowing how you want to sell to your consumer is a step in the right direction; shouldn’t being your target consumer give you the edge you need to corner the market?

Short answer = No.

When a marketer leaves the office, they become a consumer, but while they are at their desk, toilling away – they need to be a marketer. Consumer insight and knowing your customers are great assets that can be used when developing the four P’s (product, plan, price, promotion); but being a consumer gets you into the mindset of bettering the deal for you, not the product.

As an example, an ‘outdoor sports’ executive is big into Ultimate Fighting; watching it religiously and attending fights. When it comes time to market the site he decides that he will sponsor a top level fighter.

Justification: Our target are young aggressive males, like me, which are the core audience of the UFC.

Sounds good right.Ultimate Fighting Championship

Well, after the fight sponsorship did nothing but put a blip on the sites viewer stats and made the company zero $$ – he learned his lesson and reallocated spending he ignored it and went forward with sponsorships. Looking into the data showed that, young aggressive males are not buying what he is selling – instead, the viewers of the UFC are more into console and simulation (paintball, airsoft, etc.) versions of ‘outdoor sports’ like shooting/hunting.

On a side note, the solution was to try to grow the business into that area rather than fix the marketing mix.

Being so close to this marketers fiasco brought forth a giant insight: Market To – Not As Your Target Market.

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