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Misundertanding Social Media

March 3, 2009

So you want to go social?

Going into an unknown territory ill-equipped is the equivalent of standing on a block of ice in a heat wave to keep from being hung; it’ll only work for so long. So plan carefully and run like hell, but don’t expect a tidal wave without experiencing a few shakes to your foundation.

Now, I know there are countless blogs about social networking/media and that these thoughts are not original: that does not make them any less true.

All Hope Abandon Ye Who Enter Here

  • You will not be able to control Social Media. By entering it you will leave yourself open to attack; your best defense is to try to react and influence your social brand by improving the way you are perceived.

Post It and They Will Come

  • Social Media needs to be cultivated. There aren’t any fast track ways to be seen or heard. Social Media needs to be just that; social. You have to enter into dialogues with web users/ community members and be seen as actively trying to create connections.

Don’t Sell Me

  • Social Media and Social Networking is NOT a sales tool. While you can get sales from it, your best policy should not be a hard sell. If you are posting videos to go ‘viral’ don’t make them salesy. When people log into social communities they have not gone there to look for new products, but to discuss idea. They may approach you and start a dialogue about your product/service, after some discussion, ask if they want more info, and contact them outside of the network; relationship built – reputation preserved.

I Love the Smell of Blogging in the Morning

  • Blog bombing to get anyone’s attention does not work: it doesn’t get you links, and it doesn’t look favorable. If you want to get your companies name/activities in the blogosphere, then start a company sponsored blog and update it with information relative to your industry or work environment. To multiply the reach of blogs, then have your employees start and update blogs about their work experience on the job – NOTE: You cannot control what your employees say, but try to encourage them by providing enjoyable experiences to post about.
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