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Email Marketing – Quick Tip

March 4, 2009

When getting ready to send out an email marketing campaign, pay close attention to how your email renders in different email platforms as well as different internet browsers.

Before using a new template or adding any ‘special code’ to your HTML emails; set up several email accounts (yahoo, msn, Gmail, etc.) and send a test to all of them. Also, be wary if you are using an Outlook older than 2007. On 2007, as I can verify, many emails that were working on earlier versions break or render differently.

What I seem to be seeing is that (for the most part) when you optimize a template for Outlook 2007, you get the best results on all other platforms.

Be sure to check in both IE and Firefox however, as these are some of the most popular browsers, and ‘loose’ HTML tends to render differently on Firefox.

A great email can leave a lasting impression on your reader and could convert into real $$: make sure your sending the right message.

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  1. Matthew Ho permalink
    March 5, 2009 5:25 PM

    totally. emails can render differently in outlook 07 and 03. then throw in lotus notes into the equation and thunderbird, makes for a huge headache.

    i find it also helpful to make a web version of the email with the simple line at the top of the email “if you are having trouble viewing this, please click here” and they can see an online version of the newsletter.

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