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Plan Carefully – Then Run Like Hell!

March 5, 2009

Mantra, or Phobia? Regardless, it is how this dirty four letter word (blog) got started.

After several jobs in the ‘real world’ of marketing, I have tried (and continue to try) to experience as much as possible; first by researching and then diving in. It doesn’t always work to my advantage, but I feel I’m wiser for it.

Institutions that try this however, are few and far between. And, for simplicity, there are really three ways businesses act (within these paramaters):

1. They Plan– A company will spend long hours and spend lots of money to pay thinkers and ‘marketers’ to come up with brilliant new ways to boost anything (sales, margins, traffic, awareness, etc.). But all of that will get lost in bureaucracy or forgotten. Why change what works?

2. They Run – A company (usually just one person high up) makes emotional decisions based on no statistics or planning. It may work, but how, and can you duplicate it?

3. or, They Do Both – A company prepares and launches innovative and creative programs.

Voila, it may not work, but you’ve changed the game.

This is a blog that I have written before, but have since abandonded the project and wanted to repost.

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