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Break the Buzz – Need Your Help

March 10, 2009

I typically get caught in the ‘daily grind’ and am told to ‘think outside the box’. I’ve become so accustomed to hearing these cliche ‘buzz’ words that I would like to take a buzz saw to them.

This post is more of a plea to  Break The Buzz!

We’re all at fault here, including me. From now on; when possible, reinvent a buzz word (or phrase), lets see what you can come up with.

I’m going to start with ‘buzz word‘ – Hot-top; a mixture of hot topic, as in “I’m so sick of all these Hot-tops?” I didn’t say it’d be great, but I’m just sick of hearing all of these.

Think Outside The Box

Hit the ground running



Value Proposition

Now I need you to help me out on a few of these, lets see if we can get a few.

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  1. March 10, 2009 6:01 PM

    Someone who is always screaming into their cell phone at the office is doing the “cell yell”

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