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Got Peggle Pegged?

March 11, 2009

PopCap’s Peggle has been a major success on PC since it came out, and has pushed many casual gamers into the realm of hardcore. But, could it have managed to bridge the gap bringing hard core gamers to the casual forefront?

Clive Thompson from WIRED says yes and I’d have to agree. I came across this article today (while using StumbleUpon) that was published a few days ago about the psychology of Peggle and how it is firming definitions for hardcore and casual gamers.

Essentially what he explains is that depending on whether you play Peggle by luck or if you play using skill defines you as a causal or hardcore gamers.

Hardcore gamers typically play for long hours with many complicated guidelines (storage/power-ups/level-ups/inventory management, etc) and are kept going by a better performance. In the world of Peggle; they play the game several bounces ahead of the shot, they plan and aim carefully in order to craft a better score.

Casual gamers tend to play more for fun than the challenge. The will shoot there silver ball in the best spot they can see and then base the rest of the peggles hit purely on luck rather than skill.

How is this relevant to the broad marketing topic of this blog?

Target market! Peggle was designed for the target market of casual gamers, but bridged a gap that can now open PopCap up to a whole new set of rules when designing a game that may include both hardcore and casual gamers. With the launch of Peggle on other platforms, they are really looking to expand their customer base from just PC casual gamers. I am very interested to see some of the types of genre-merging games they can come up with next.

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