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Selling Again and Again

March 17, 2009

Great site, who visits?

Do your visitors just grab the information they need and leave? Good for them. But how are you making any money off of them? Its easier to market to people who know you then it is to find new people. How can you keep them coming back?

Ask them for their email address – not a hard concept, and certainly not new.

Now this isn’t as easy as you may think, people won’t just give out that information. But, they will exchange it. a Quid Pro Quo kind of attitude.

  • Provide a white paper in exchange for an email address
  • If you have a blog, ask for the email address to find out when you have new posts
  • If you have all of your information on your site, then password protect it and make an email address a required field ‘for verification’
  • At checkout, ask for an email address to confirm the order
  • Include a contact page by email and follow up with people

Great, I have an email address, now what do I do with it? Simple answer – newsletter. But that is not the only type of communication that is now possible.

  • Send an automated confirmation email as a follow-up and friendly reminder that you are there
  • Follow-up a week later to see if everything went smoothly, or if they would be interested in something similar
  • Send out special offers: email only discounts, upgrades, etc
  • Send out a newsletter every week/month/quarter depending on your industry
  • Create an admin system for your website with privileged information for only those that have given you their email address

Social Media is a great new tool; but email marketing is not dead or declining. Reading into the recent Neilsen Report only says that people are spending more time on Social Networks; it does not mention the conversions or ROI. While I don’t argue the importance of Social Media, and am in fact heavily involved in it – this post is in response to blogs I’ve read about the death of email marketing.

If you think I’m wrong (or right) about any of these points, or you have more to add… let me know.

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  1. March 19, 2009 1:56 AM

    Interesting blog, I’ll try and spread the word.

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