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What media do you think in?

March 23, 2009

What Media Do You Think? Do you think in the new Twitter/Facebook campaigns? Are you a story builder that thinks in storyboards and television? Can you hear your campaign on the radio, or do you layout complex ad plans in your head?

spontexsea-560x373I see campaigns ideas as static print advertisements – even though I have been working for web companies for several years and on the internet for all of my career. But this is only where I start. After my initial thoughts, I like to expand my one static image and copy to an entire story using social media, direct marketing (web or other) giveaways, etc.

My satisfaction comes from seeing my one idea build itself into a brand. If I can explain something in just one image, then I can build a story around it. As I am young, I have had few instances to prove this, but get the most satisfaction when I do.

I’m not going to explain how to change your thought in 10 easy steps, this post isn’t going to try to fix your methods of thinking – it’s just here to get you thinking about your own process. I can’t stop refining my own.

What media does your mind play in?

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