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Being Prepared For A Wild Ride

March 30, 2009

This recession isn’t a problem, you’ve got great job security. Well then, good for you; but if something turns, you’ll be caught with your pants down. For the rest of us, a little planning can go a long way.

Here are a few reminders that can help people survive the recession:

Be PreparedUpdate your resume – keep an up to date resume that can be sent out immediately if need be. By preparing early, you will be able blast it out immediately if financial woes should hit your company. You will also be able to respond quickly to any potential opportunities.

Have 2 Months Expenses in Savings – being the victim of a lay-off should not be the fuse that sets your life into disarray. By having a reserve in your savings to last 2 – 3 months, you can focus on getting a quality job, rather than the next job to pay the bills.

Stay Networked – keep in touch with past employers/coworkers so that references and referrals will not be distant memories, but friendly favors. Sites like LinkedIn and Facebook to make this as easy as possible.

Control Your Brand – Google yourself and see what shows up. If the first page contains your Myspace and Facebook profiles make sure they make favorable impressions. If you see a police report from 3 years ago, then work to get that off the main page. Buy your domain name, create more (favorable) social profiles, start a blog in your name – anything that will control the image you want portrayed.

Keep An Eye Out – watch the job listings, even if you’re not looking. You never want to miss an opportunity. Even by going on spec interviews when you are not looking, it will give you an idea of the marketplace and a foot in the door.

Make Sure Your Suit Fits – this seems arbitrary, but having to run out and buy a new suit (skirt, dress, sports coat etc) when you have lost your job is a heft burden on your savings.

I wish everyone the best of luck. If anyone has any more tips; please share!

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  1. Sheryl Victor permalink
    March 30, 2009 4:50 PM

    Your point to controlling your brand is spot on. It’s really important to establish yourself online. Personal branding and having an online identity gives you instant credibility. Potential employers, as you mentioned, will Google you. It’s also really important to quickly figure out how to position yourself. Nice article. – Sheryl (

  2. Jayshree permalink
    April 22, 2009 6:18 AM

    Good for those whose jobs are still secure!
    Incidentally I came across a is a survey to know how secure my job is in the next 6 months.Found it in a website .It’s called Job Compass.Worth a visit!

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