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Biggest Interview Myth

March 30, 2009

Saying ‘Yes’ to everything is a big No-No.

During the interview process, job candidates are inclined to answer ‘yes’ to any question of ones abilities. I have found through personal experience that this is not a wise practice.

During the remainder of the interview, you may be asked to elaborate on this and be made a fool of when you are caught in your own trap. Or, while it may get you hired, you may have embeleshed to much and are now expected to perform tasks out of your immediate ability.

These two situations are common and dangerous.

Solution: Never answer negatively, but say no.

This statement needs a little explaination. Just because you say no to an interview question similiar to; “Have you had past experience with advertising in Google Adwords,” doesn’t mean that it will look poorly on you. Phrase your answer very particularly so that it shows that you are very eager to try.

An appropriate answer may be:

I haven’t had the opportunity to run an Adwords campaign yet in my career, but am familiar with the service.

It shows that you are willing to learn it, but have not currently had the opportunity. Whereas if you had just answered ‘yes’ and fabricated results, you are now responsible for that lie.

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