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Advantagous Mass Layoffs

April 3, 2009

March’s unemployment numbers are out and once again, they are grim.

But I’d like to suggest that for organized groups, mass layoffs can be an advantage. If you are part of a department, or perform particular jobs (i.e. quality assurance, programming, copywriter, sales for a particular industry, etc.) that suffer a layoff of the majority of its staff, then what is stopping you (collectively) from forming a freelancing agency?

You have recently been layed off from your ad programming position, along with 80% of your fellow employees; you are all highly skilled and no longer bound to just one company. If you were to band together, then you would be able to start freelancing for different companies (and your former – understaffed – company).

With more and more companies being understaffed from layoffs, there will be a need for certain jobs to be farmed out to freelancers. Not all jobs but many skilled position.

You may not be in such a bad place.

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