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Does Your “O” Face Have Mass Appeal?

April 10, 2009
Show Your 'O Face' Show Your O What's Your O-Face

What's Your O-Face

Anyone who has seen the movie “Office Space” is familiar with the ‘O-Face’. Well, it is now time to let it shine!

3 Olive Vodka is running a ‘Whats Your O-Face‘ contest until May 31, 2009. I have to say that this campaign is brilliant!

Now I’ve had a few of the 3 Olive flavors before, and will vouch for their brand being a superior vodka. But I have never seen any advertisements for them before. I had no real image to match with the brand. Now, when I think of 3 Olives, I can happily say that I picture ‘o-faces’. They seem to be a fun, hip party brand with a superior product not for every day consumption.

The campaign is interactive, certainly has potential to go viral, is addicting and creates an all around great user experience.

Go on, rate your favorites, post your o-face, have a chance to win. There’s nothing wrong with a little fun in an ad campaign now and again.

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