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Congrats! Your Marketing Degree is Obsolete

April 13, 2009

Three years have passed since I graduated college, and speaking with (future) graduates of 2009, I can tell you one thing is still a constant… a Marketing (or Advertising) degree is obsolete. The problem is, what is being taught is not whats being used, only whats been written about.

Yes, there are E commerce classes, classes that talk about internet marketing and you have begun discussing Web 2.0 in your 400 level courses; but discussion of past topics only shows you where the web was (when I graduated), not where it is and what you should expect.

Cure: Get involved! If you are not involved with social media, tried participating in online communities, written a blog/posted on twitter, created albums or promoted a website; then you’ll need to learn on the job.

For me, the best experience I had in college was actually work. I landed a part time job/internship at a small local marketing firm called The Worx Group. There I learned about optimal SEO design, HTML coding, new media and utilizing MySpace pages as a branding experience (more than 3 years ago). I then went further in my next job dabbling with industry blogging in the construction industry(early and slow to adapt, but helped in my next position).

Push further than you are being taught. You aren’t going to get ahead of the curve by waiting to learn about whats already been done.

Congratulations on graduating, Good luck. I hope I’ve helped.

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