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The First Spamming “Incident”

April 14, 2009

As an Email Marketer, I have been nicknamed the SpamMaster*! Today though, I have stumbled across an interesting article siting the ‘first big spam incident’. It was called the Green Card Spam and was a pioneer for virtual annoyances for years to come.

Green Card spam: The first big commercial “spam incident” on the Internet happened in 1994 when two lawyers (a husband and wife team) started using bulk Usenet postings to advertise immigration law services. It became known as the “Green Card spam”. In spite of widespread condemnation, the attorneys claimed that free speech gave them the right to send out unwanted commercial messages and labeled their opponents as hypocrites and anti-commerce radicals. They later wrote a book called “How to Make a Fortune on the Information Superhighway”.

For more interesting tidbits of spam, view Pingdom’s article here.

*I promise I obey all CAN-SPAM laws and only send to my own opted-in list.

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