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Funny Keyword Observation

May 21, 2009

I’ve been receiving a good amount traffic to my blog lately (and I promise to start posting more since my wedding is over). After a quick glance at how, I noticed that one of my most active keyword searches leading to a visit is ‘naked men’.

The click through brings them here. Which is not necessarily what they are expecting. It is an underwear ad for men who’s headline “Men Don’t Want To Look At Naked Men!”

Big Suprise to the reader looking for naked men.

What does this mean?

While I am still getting fair readership on many of my other articles pertaining to resume building, entry level marketing advice and business observations; I am fairly certain that I need to work harder to focus my audience from a broad ‘bloggers and porno-seekers’ to ‘job seekers and marketers’.

Just thought I’d share.

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