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A Stolen Glance is not an Earned Ear.

May 28, 2009

Why should I bother?

Somehow you’ve attracted my attention for a split second, from there what do you want me to hear/see/do? On two separate occasions today, I was approached as I was walking past strangers on a train platform; with two different results.

The first, started to talk about the weather and tried cornering me into a conversation. I was courteous, patient and uninterested. The word most used was MmHmm. I then left not knowing a thing that was said or what the conversation was even about.

The second, had a pitch ready, did not waste any time and tried to get me to stay on my own will to find out more. That’s it.

I obviously was more intrigued with the later. But after speaking with both, realized how they translate directly back to the web (as that is my industry). A personally tailored pitch/headline on a landing page could be the ONLY reason why someone would search for more info. I am sure that my first encounter could have led to a satisfying conversation, but I was not interested enough to bite, instead I kept going, found a better pitch and continued on my own.

This is typically called an elevator pit when it is spoken; and it shouldn’t be ignored.

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