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Your Boss Is Watching

June 22, 2009

Guess what. You’re not invisible. Neither is your web presence.

If you think you’ve managed to hide yourself on the web from a boss, friend, mother, job interviewer, etc; you haven’t.

You're Being Watched

You're Being Watched

It does not take much to find a persons presence on social media sites, and you would be surprised how many people disregard this. Just looking at my own facebook friends, (see example here) I can see that most don’t take this point to heart. Updating your status that you are wasting your time at your current job may not be a good incentive for your boss to give you a promotion.

As an example of how easy it is to connect the dots, I will lay out this situation. Through this blog I received an email regarding a posting. I responded with my personal email address, not connected with this blog. Later in that afternoon I had a friend request on LinkedIn from the person I had emailed earlier. My blog is not posted there, my name has several duplicates and the emails aren’t associated, but still I was found. I was not surprised, but thought it was very interesting.

Stay transparent and remember you’re being watched.

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