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“Talking bout my generation”

July 30, 2009

@eMarketer posted an article today that briefly summarized each generations presence on all of the major social networks – Myspace, Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter.

While some of the results were no surprise – only 9% of Generation Z uses Twitter & 0% use LinkedIn – there was one percentage point that I believe to be taken completely out of context.

The report states that 75% of Generation Y uses MySpace.

Now, I have not done the legwork, but being in the marketing arena for theĀ  last few years, I believe that this is no longer true. While it may be true that 75% of Gen Y HAS a MySpace account, I do not believe they are all still active in the network. This bit of insight makes me think a little less of the overview of results. But, I am still curious to see more.

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