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Quick Fix Behind The Scenes

August 5, 2009

While watching Income Property (HGTV) tonight, I heard something verbalized which, I’m sure I knew, but had never said out loud before.

If you don’t fix the problems now, you will keep having issues.

In the episode, there was mold in the basement under sub-par flooring, that has flooded in from bad foundation along with a bad roof. The homeowner said he had selectively been ignoring the problem as it hasn’t been an issue (in the main house).

While this should be an obvious observation, it still needs to be brought up now and again, in business, in life and anywhere else. Pay attention to your back end. If your foundation is crumbling, fix it, don’t patch it. An infrastructure is a fragile environment. If something is wrong with it, why mask it or hack it or keep building or accept it? Why not just fix it? It may be costly up front, but in 6 months or even 6 years from now, a system working well with room for expansion can be better than a quick fix.

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