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Life: locked in 140 character or less.

May 21, 2010

It has been nearly two months since I have been laid-off from my position as a vendor for Microsoft and nearly four months since I have last posted a blog. I have not been lost as I have said before, merely living simpler, 140 characters or less simpler to be exact.

Just as so many others have done, I have switched some of my focuses to Twitter, allowing me to concisely sum up a thought the instant I have it and post it to the masses. If you have visited during my blogging hiatus,  then you may have noticed the feed to the right being updated while the blog has not. It has been my continued experiment in Social Media.

If you are interested in what else I have been up to during the last few months then keep readying. If you are not, then please explore some older postings, as I am about to get a little reflective and ‘preachy’.

Personal and Professional Updates:

  • Laid-off from Microsoft position during a management shuffle
  • Have had several phone-screenings for positions
  • Reached one year of marriage with my beautiful wife
  • Have been doing odds jobs on the side to keep my skills sharp and days busy
  • Learned that nothing can stop forward progression
  • Begun developing business plan as a way to keep thinking
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