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The Follow-up Shows Follow-thru!

May 24, 2010

This is a title that I wrote down in early January. Since then I have been laid-off and on the harder side of a job search, the side where you need the work more than it is your choice to move. With this new information, this title is even more relevant.

Early in my career I was prone to waiting until I heard back from vendors, superiors or coworkers. I thought that everyone would have a clear idea of time-lines and I would respect their role in the process. During the course of my career I have evolved  to a more proactive approach.

During initial planning for anything (be it getting graphics made for an email or following-up on a job application) I set a prospective time-line with checkpoints that I can control. These checkpoints aren’t meant as a form of micro-management but as reminder for myself to track the progress being made.

The feedback I have received from this new take on my own responsibility has been more than satisfactory. Besides a better understanding for myself, I am better able to communicate with others where projects stand which reflects well on me.

I can only tell of my experiences, but follow-ups are vital for forward progression.

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