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Lifelines Can Help You Drown

May 28, 2010

It wasn’t long ago when “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” was one of the top shows on television, so I know most of you can remember that a popular lifeline was to ‘phone-a-friend’, where the contestant was able to call a trusted confidant and ask them to answer a question that they were stuck on.

Well, if I had done that years ago, I would not have taken a few gambles that bet on social media to win as one of the leading forces in marketing.

Before they were big I balked at blogs; while it was still for students I shunned facebook and before there was a flock of followers I thought Twitter was for the birds. But then I listened, and I noticed the stigma around these new social sites changing and I dove in head first even when my group of friends weren’t interested.

The choice has served me well so far and has checked a few more boxes off in my lifetime experience.

There is only one message to get from this post, some times it is better to trust yourself to either sink or swim. Go with your gut; it’s not about ignoring your friends, but rather trusting your instincts and trying something new.

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