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Job Search Lessons Learned

June 19, 2010

Well, it’s been several months into my job search and I feel that I should share a few of my lessons learned.

  • Cover letters can’t be a template – I tried keeping a template for each cover letter that I wrote and ended up writing and rewriting each time I was applying for a position
  • Job descriptions are different ‘on paper’ than they are explained
  • Shorter tenures at jobs can (and must) be explained
  • Re-answer every question you have been asked on an interview – assume you will be asked something more ‘out there’
  • Only hitting refresh on a job search doesn’t cut it
  • Sit on a job description before you write your cover letter

Now I know this is a relatively short list, but trust me, these are not all of the lessons I have learned. However, I believe some lessons can’t be read about and don’t translate to every job search.

Good luck.

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