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Climbing Up

A collection of observations, realizations and breakthroughs
from a young marketer climbing the bottom.

Climb The Bottom:

  • To start fresh and ascend through the lower ranks of marketing
  • Bitching and moaning not appreciated; rants tolerated; sweat and perseverance a must have
  • Honing key skills such as observation, creativity, writing, technical and bridging ideas
  • Connecting a labyrinth of thought into a clear solution

Several times in the last year have I started blogging activities; both for myself and companies as an independent contractor. Not surprisingly, several times in the last year I have abandoned a blog, been coerced to spam (along with participate in bad business) and have had attempts thwarted by stagnant management.

While I have been eager to push forward at a faster than steady pace, I have decided to once again undertake blogging as a hobby with a broader marketing focus. The content will be a mixture of my own and comments/linkbacks from other blogs. In time the goal is to build a great source for other (even younger) marketers to pull tips from; along with a place for senior marketers to understand how the up-and-coming work force operates.

Feel free to contact me with comments, suggestions or insults; I can take it.

That Guy Steve

P.S. – I am working on formatting and design, the look will change as the content gets added.

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