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A Rock and a Hard Place

January 15, 2010

A short, cautionary tale.

For more than one company that I have worked with, I have known talented marketers, new to executive level positions. Each with a considerable amount of experience developing marketing programs and each new to a company with outside funding fresh off a period of growth.

I do not feel the need to gossip, so: the companies are of no concern, the circumstances coincidences and the results differ but the paths were all of ill-conceived goals, proud owners and naïve new executives. In most instances, they get cornered by their superiors and told that they must; launch a new product early, trim staffing budgets, increase profit margins etc. and they must do it the way that the investors approved or else funding could be lost (along with their job).

My observation is this: building a great career is what can get you into a corner office, but when you get there do not forget how you made it. To have a successful career in marketing, plan to voice your opinion. Plan to push back. Plan to annoy most everyone at least once. From what I have learned so far is that to get away with this, you need to have measurements and proof to stand on (especially when dealing with superiors).

I am young in my career yet, but hope to use this story as a reminder for myself. I have shared it for others to do the same.


Why not change the past?

January 12, 2010

Who said that you can’t change the past? And no, I’m not suggesting you find a DeLorean, Doc Brown: what I’m suggesting is something much simpler.

Inglorious BastardsI have finally gotten around to seeing Inglorious Bastards, and if you’re into Quentin Tarantino, then I highly recommend it. But more than just enjoying the film, I came away asking myself that very question: Why not change the past?

———– Spoiler Alert ———–

While I was sitting there, I had decided for myself that the story had to end with Hitler (etc.) escaping. I know thats what happens, so, it has to happen. But in true Tarantino style, no Nazi’s escape, everyone in the theater dies, Hitler, Goebbels, everyone.

So why not change the past?

We can do it whenever we want. The only thing needed is a bit of an urge to surprise.

So here is how I plan to change the past:

Do something unexpected that will make people think twice.

Thats it. Simple enough plan huh? Well you’d think that. But it takes getting out of your comfort zone. Give it a try, let me know how it goes.

Good luck.

So Your Friends Have All Been Fired

December 7, 2009

Breathe a sigh of relief, you’ve made this cut. But in this job market, it can always be a craps shoot.

Here are a few ideas to be ready for any situation:

  1. Update your resume
  2. Start looking for jobs in your market/area
  3. Google yourself
  4. Hide (un-tag) embarrassing photos of yourself online
  5. Buy a new suit or two and shoe polish
  6. Get involved in anything new in your field
  7. Reconnect with your network
  8. Make your voice mail message more professional
  9. Become a better employee

Forgotten, But Not Gone For Good.

December 7, 2009

Once again I have neglected my blog.

A new job, a new company and new technology have all led to blog negligence, but let it be known that I am not abandoning the craft. While my new job requires more of my time, it is allowing me to participate in more avenues of communication than just email. It is also allowing me to hone my copy writing skills in b2b.

Social Media Cost Me My Unemployment

October 5, 2009

Well, not really that at all, but a title has to be catchy doesn’t it?

Just about a year ago, I made the conscious desicion to (finally) fully participate in social media, social networking, web 2.0  or whatever you would like to call it. I started this blog, and kept up with it, connecting, eventually even… tweeting. Once I started with it, I ran with it and made all of my networks my own.

Recently I was part of the fortunate, while still having employment, I went looking for a job; I was moving back to MA and did not want to leave my position without securing my next step. I decided to revamp my resume with a new look and feel. I went to a 2 column format which opened up a whole area to place my social media links.

Now, I made sure that eveything was good on all of my profiles and I created a link to a more specific Google search than just my name (Stephen Beaudoin brings up a professor, a doctor and a ripoff report; not optimal).  I took control over my online brand.

It paid off. I went on two interviews and received two offers. But beyond that, I got one of the greatest compliment that a job seeker could get:

Your resume is one of the best that I’ve seen in the past 5 years.

A simple sentence, but one that will be hard to forget.

Take control of your online brand. Good luck.

Integrate or Segregate

October 1, 2009

Let’s get this out of the way, I’m talking about Social Media and all of it’s wonderful interactive… socialness. I believe I have touched on this before (although I can’t find the link), does it make sense to consolidate your efforts or should you keep everything seperate?

Now, of course it is all a matter of opinion; but let’s work this out. I know that Facebook and Twitter and dozens of other networking sites make it so easy to have a one-stop shop, where you have one site to update them all.

Sitting down to actually type this, I feel like there isn’t to much to say beyond this:  Do you use the same advertisement in all of the magazines that you advertise in? Each social enviornment has it’s own purpose and serves it’s own function and should be treated as such. When it comes to writing your social strategy down (which you should do for clarity of purpose) treat each social site as it’s own targeted vehicle. Explore each site carefully and then focus your messaging as such.

My first two days at Microsoft…

September 22, 2009

My other title for this post was going to be… Social Media land me at Microsoft… but I figured that title preaches to the choir.

This week is my first week at Microsoft working as a Marketing Specialist vendor. So far, so good… I am very impressed with all of the resources and process that they have in place.

To give the rundown… the position is communications. More specifically I will be working on Small & Middle-level business and Partner promotions.

I just wanted to give a quick update to my less-than-loyal readers (no offense, I just have a small audience) as to why I haven’t been updating as frequently. Between work, a job hunt and a move… things can get hectic. I will be back more often as I have a SIGNIFCANTLY shorter commute.